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These ‘Upscale’ Walmarts Are Offering In-Store Custom Hair Care Services


A TikToker in Arkansas is showing off the new technology that Walmart has implemented in 2,500 locations across the country.

When you think of Walmart, the words “fancy” and “luxurious” probably don’t necessarily come to mind.

But shopping at Walmart in Arkansas has become a one-stop shop for luxury — including offering a customizable hair lab.

TikToker @reallifesarah219 first went viral for showcasing a Walmart in Roger, Arkansas, and its out-of-the-ordinary shopping experience — it looks more like a house, complete with landscaping out front and intricate roofing with fresh walls and windows. The clip has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

“Oh, we’re In a different tax bracket,” one user joked.

Per the request of viewers, the TikToker posted a slew of follow-up videos displaying another “fancy” Walmart in the area (located on Elm Springs road in Springdale, Arkansas) to show viewers whether or not some Walmarts are, in fact, nicer than others.

In one video, she dubs the Elm Springs location “the most upscale Walmart I have ever experienced.”

“There’s even a hair lab where you can customize your own haircare and as you walk around you really feel like you’re in a department store,” she tells viewers. “They have their own health care center. That includes dental and counseling. It really is next level.”

Some viewers were amazed at the store’s cleanliness and organization while others called it “boujee” and a “special trip” store.

In another video, the TikToker elaborated on the color lab, which features a hair scanner that customers put their strands under and the machine determines what nutrients (and products) their hair needs, right in the middle of the store. The service costs $9.

Another video walks viewers through the process of scanning their hair to a smart screen that determines hair texture, needs, and condition.

“Neeeeaaattttt I need this for my daughter’s hair,” one user wrote.

Another TikToker in Dallas showcased the same technology in a Walmart near her.

“The addition of The Hair Lab by Strands, which is part of the first class of brands from our accelerator program Walmart Start, offers customers the ability to choose hair care products that match their needs at an accessible price-point,” Creighton Kiper, merchandising vice president for Walmart US Beauty, told Happi in an interview about the new technology. “We’ve heard from customers that they are interested in products personalized for them and this new offering delivers on those evolving interests.”

The Hair Lab technology is currently operating in 2,500 Walmart locations.

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