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Wild Colors and Audacious Patterns Dazzle Men’s Milan Fashion Week FW23 Street Style


Men’s Milan Fashion Week has kicked off in full force for the Fall/Winter 2023 season. All eyes were on Milan after the announcement of Alessandro Michele exiting Gucci earlier last year, Marco de Vincenzo’s debut as the new creative director for Etro and Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY shows his collection for the first time outside of London. While the happenings inside show venues have turned heads within the fashion world, from every detail since the Prada pillow invite that teased the puffer collection of the season to stars like Idris Elba in attendance, the streets of the Italian fashion capital was adorned with hard-to-miss styling.

Milan Fashion Week showgoers brought energy and charisma to the occasion, affirming cozy silhouettes do not have to be boring. Those who attended fashion week put their own unique spin on normality, celebrating simplicity and rationality through vibrant bursts of color, all while adding to a new age of formality. Creativity in pairing saw classic Milanese suiting combined with wild and outrageous colors. While comfort is still at top of mind, oversized blazers and coats were in abundance this week. Many paid homage to one of Alessandor Michele‘s final collections, repping the regal Gucci x adidas with its trench coat and blazers in the signature emerald green and bright blue.

A new definition of masculinity within fashion has been noted, with traditional dress codes dismantled and layering becoming a mathematical game of wardrobe proportions. Puffer jackets and vivid and patterned overcoats along with oversized scarves and exaggerated toques highlight Men’s Milan Fashion Week street style for the FW23 season.

Take a look above at some of the best looks from the week.

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